into my arms

DSC_0449 kopi

today I went to church. I don’t believe in God. I went to listen to a concert. It was many different choirs from my hometown, and the area surrounding it. I have always liked going to churches, though I am not a christian. The buildings still have something… big. And sacred. I went to a church in Paris in Montmatre and started crying. Spontaneuously. I was surprised. I don’t know what it is. But maybe the churches are sort of .. full of some kind of human energy. Nothing magical, but just.. I don’t know. Anyway, at the end of the concert, all of the choires sang together. I think there were like 6 or 7 different choires. They sang two songs together. It was very powerful. Music is ¬†something that is very uniting. On my way out of the church I overheard a woman saying something like : now this, this.. is something that really serves our public health. ;maybe this is bad english. But yeah. An experience like this, music together.. it really is something for our hearts and souls. I don’t care if it sounds pretentious or whatever.

The whole experience reminds me of this song. One of my favorites. Enjoy. Or cry. Or both.Into my arms

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